As producers, providers and product developers of vegetable oils, flours, proteins and protein mixes, treating natural raw materials responsibly is extremely important to us. Our company, our suppliers and our product undergo sophisticated quality controls every year to ensure that you receive only the best product quality.

Of course, this includes the sustainable cultivation of raw materials. We work exclusively with select partners and source our products first-hand to avoid long transport routes.

Our certifications

Our quality management is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.

We are certified according to the international food standard (IFS Food v. 6.1) on Higher Level.

We are certified organic by "Prüfgesellschaft Ökologischer Landbau mbH".

The NATRUE label gives consumers and manufacturers a quick overview of which products can safely be used in cosmetic products.

Profit from our kosher-certified plant-based oils and proteins: almond oil CP, black cumin oil CP, hemp oil CP, almond protein, pea Protein and coconut flour.

Benefit from our halal-certified vegetable oils and plant-based proteins: almond oil cold-pressed, black cumin oil cold-pressed and almond protein.