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Argan Oil


cold-pressed, cold-pressed Organic, refined, deodorized Organic


Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil




Cosmetics, Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Animal care


Argan trees only grow in Morocco. With their deep roots and huge leafy crowns, they help maintain theecological balance in the area where they are grown and prevent further desertification in one the world'sdriest regions.

Traditional knowledge about the use of these trees and its fruit are an important part of the Moroccan Berberculture and considered intangible cultural heritage. Berber women process the argan fruit manually.

Around 30 kilos of fruit are needed to produce one litre of argan oil. During the peak harvest season from Julyto September, each tree yields between four and six kilos of argan fruit on average. The annual yield of arganoil available on the market is estimated at 3 - 4 million litres. This scarcity makes argan oil one of the mostexpensive oils in the world. It has been nicknamed the “liquid gold of Morocco”.