Our own oil presses

In March 2017, we moved from our old site in Viersen-Mackenstein to our new production facilities in Niederkrüchten-Dam. This move effectively transformed us from a trader and distributor into a fully fledged production business. We have successfully started our in-house production of specialty oils, proteins and flours. Our role is that of a reliable partner for pressing, filtering, bottling and grinding high-quality natural products.

At our new site in Niederkrüchten-Dam, we develop and produce high quality specialty oils, plant based proteins and flours as well as baking mixtures. We offer innovative solutions in the field of protein extraction and processing. A dedicated production hall with a new, state-of-the-art mixing and bottling plant offers you, our clients, a whole world of new possibilities.

We also set new benchmarks in the field of research and development. Working with renowned collaborators from our own region, we bridge the gap between business and science. Not only do we provide technology for the future, we also employ some of the most innovative thinkers of tomorrow.

True to our motto “PLANT-BASED. BETTER LIFE.” we always seek new possibilities and work exclusively with high-quality vegetable seeds – an approach that has blessed us with success in more ways than one. Producing high-quality, cold-pressed specialty oils is only one of the things we do with our valuable raw materials. Over the course of the past five years, we have also been focussing on developing and processing vegetable proteins and flours, which we produce from oil cakes – residual vegetable matter that is a by-product of the oil production process.

Life is too short for bad oils and proteins!

In our capacity as a producer of cold-pressed specialty oils and vegetable proteins, we have embarked on a joint project with the renowned engineering factory IBG Monforts in Mönchengladbach to optimise our cold-pressing process continuously. Our two family-run companies grew into close partners during the plant design, implementation and expansion of the oil manufacture. The result is a pioneering concept that is unique in the world. Our fully automated control system, silo and extraction technology, all upstream and downstream processes and our warehouse technology comply with the industrial standards of the future.

We operate four pressing lines, each of which has been equipped with one silo and multiple screw presses by Monforts. In addition to the gentle extraction of specialty oils from a wide range of oil seeds, the systems ensure maximal efficiency.

We work without any chemical additives and, as an additional unique feature, process soft seeds, hard seeds and nuts on separate lines. Thanks to a patented process, we can work with extremely low temperatures despite high press forces. The specialty oils we produce in our new plant are of a much higher quality than refined oils extracted by hot pressing. Our process ensures that all vital substances, vitamins and natural flavours are retained, making our natural specialty oils particularly valuable.

The specialty oils we produce in our oil mill in Dam are stored in dedicated tanks in our internal tank depot. We then filter them, bottle them in a mild environment and commission the finished product – all in accordance with our customers’ specific requirements.

In order to warrant highest product quality, we are able to monitor our production machines from our smartphones and tablets. Our production facilities run 24/7, which makes our screw presses and filtration plants especially efficient.

This allows us to supervise and effectively control our entire equipment online and via cameras. Due to this pioneering, cutting-edge infrastructure and our passion for our products, the constant expansion of our facilities is an important part of our future project, Industry 4.0.