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11. August 2016

Studies show that nuts have a positive effect on certain natural BIOMARKERS

Nuss Nuts are among the most nutritious foods in existence – they possess a unique mixture of unsaturated fatty acids, plant-based proteins, fibre, minerals, and vitamins. In addition, they contain additional bioactive compounds such as phytosterols and phenolic antioxidants, which have a positive effect on human health. For the purpose of a healthy diet, it is recommended to reduce your consumption of animal proteins (meat, meat products, eggs) and replace them with a portion of nuts. Studies have shown that switching from animal protein to nuts, a high-energy, vegetarian protein source, supports weight loss. And there is yet another alternative: the so-called de-oiled oil flours and premium proteins. Anyone who would like to reduce their carbohydrate intake, but cannot go without bread rolls, would be well-advised to have a look at our high-quality oil flours and premium proteins. Almond protein, sesame protein, linseed flour (gold) and pumpkin seed protein are incredibly rich sources of protein and great for baking. The de-oiling process reduces the natural oil content of the flour, and the “pressed” oil is refined for further use in the processing industry. The so-called de-oiled press cake is also refined and processed further.Presskuchen_Nuss In downstream production processes, the press cake is ground, sieved, and analysed – eventually, it is approved by quality assurance and the product is packaged. Together with our partner at the source of the nuts and seeds, we attach great importance to consistently supplying the highest-grade products, both from organic and conventional cultivation. The production facilities are audited and controlled in regular intervals. We are particularly proud of our cooperation with the GBA Laboratory Group, who have been carrying out, evaluating and eventually approving the analyses of our premium vegetable proteins such as almond protein, sesame protein, pea protein and hemp protein, for almost 3 years. NuesseWe consciously leave the final approval of these high-quality premium proteins to experts in order to ensure a consistent quality for you. You can read the latest information about the great, healthy properties of our oil flours in our market reports and BLOG entries; an overview of our topical entries is available on our homepage. LOW CARB, gluten-free or VEGAN – the product range of OPW Ingredients is a cornucopia of interesting raw materials. Make sure to have a look at the following articles:

We will be happy to help you find the most suitable oil flour or premium protein for your personal requirements and/or those of your product. Simply get in touch and let us contribute all our expertise to your search for the perfect product. Our product focus besides the whey and proteins is geared towards our vegetable oils; Almond oil, Walnut oil, Apricot kernel oil, Castor oil, Castor oil derivatives, Sesame oil, MCT oil, oils for personal care, Sebacic acid and the world of organic and gourmet oils.  

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