Vegetable protein blends

17. April 2017

Vegetable proteins have become increasingly popular over the past years. Soy protein was one of the first on the market, but since its rise, many others have become similarly well established. Among the best-known proteins are rice and pea protein, which are especially suitable for athletes and people following a low-carb diet thanks to their low carbohydrate content. Hemp protein is gradually losing its insider status and becoming a popular protein. The above three proteins are increasingly popular in so-called blends, which athletes use as a substitute for “traditional”, whey-based protein shakes. They need products with a high amount of protein to cover their specific requirements; rice and pea protein consist of approximately 80% protein. In addition, the mixture has a high biological quality, which determines how efficiently dietary proteins can be converted by the human body. The two proteins also have complementary amino acid profiles: rice protein lacks a substantial quantity of lysine, but it has methionine, of which pea protein only has a very limited amount. Pea protein is rich in valine, leucine and isoleucine, the so-called branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). Despite its relatively low protein content of approx. 50%, hemp protein is an important addition to the blend: it contains all essential amino acids and an almost ideal proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Further benefits of hemp protein include its many vitamins, minerals, trace elements and its pleasantly nutty flavour. It is important that the mixtures contain few or no additives – in this case, less is indeed more. Besides protein shakes, they can be used to refine smoothies, baked goods, yoghurt and a lot more. They are suitable for many dietary requirements, especially low-carb and high-protein diets. If you require further information about this product or any other premium vegetable proteins, e.g. almond protein, sesame protein, pea protein or hemp protein, the OPW team will be happy to offer you personal advice at any time.

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