Vegan Food – Plant based proteins are not a trend but a cultural change

29. March 2019

Where once only small shops or startups offered vegan foods, there are now established consumer goods companies and supermarket chains that are also recognizing the vegan spirit. The large offer of these products makes clear – the demand is high and that is not only applicable to vegans. Even people who do not want to abstain completely from animal products are making more and more use of alternative products.

In the long run, the market continues to show great potential

Especially in Germany, this change can be observed. In hardly any other country the number of vegan product launches (food and beverages) is as high as here. According to a study by the market-research company Mintel this number has more than tripled in the last five years – in 2013 4 % of all food launches were vegan, in 2018 already around 13 %. Worldwide this share is only around 5%.

Not many people are hardliners

A survey by the Food Ministry pointed out that only 1 % of the test persons live vegan. Rather, the change in today’s eating habits is due to the consumers’ conscience aspects. More and more, ethical consumption, especially among younger consumers, is of paramount importance. Consumers now strongly associate vegan foods with the topic of naturalness. Therefore, the offer is not primarily directed to convinced vegans but rather to people who want to reduce the consumption of animal based products without impacting flavor.

Attractive niche for retailers and corporations

Currently, sales of conventional meat and sausage based products amounts to 8.4 billion euros.  However, according to forecasts, it is gradually replaced by innovative meat alternatives. Therefore, it is quite understandable that more and more large corporations and reatailers are following this trend and bring vegan substitutes to the market. For example, EDEKA has around 60 products under its private label “Bio + Vegan” in its assortment. Thus, this development cannot be seen as a hype – it is an attractive niche.

Source: Handelsblatt GmbH

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