The almond trees are in bloom!

16. February 2018


In the world’s largest almond growing region, the early almond varieties are coming into bloom. Thanks to the extraordinarily warm temperatures in the early spring, this year’s blossoming period is starting very early. Experts anticipate that the majority of Californian almond plantations will be in full bloom by the end of the seventh calendar week. According to current weather forecasts, the weather is expected to stay dry and warm for another ten days. This is plenty of time for the bees to go about their work and pollinate the flowers during this early phase of the new blossoming period.

Prognoses about the new crop

Speculations and forecasts abound about the anticipated crop yields for the autumn of 2018. But it is still much too early to say anything for sure. Since last year, the Californian growing areas have grown by another 40,000 hectares. Most of the trees that were planted three to five years ago will achieve their predicted crop capacities in full this year. There is a good chance that we will see new crop records in 2018. For now, we will keep an eye on the almond bloom over the coming weeks.

Rain and water reserves

California had a dry winter, and the little snow and rain it got were not enough to fill up the reservoirs in the state. Experts nonetheless anticipate that the existing reserves will be sufficient for the new growth period. Many plantations are already being watered now, during the blossoming period. This has previously only happened during extreme droughts.

Italy and Spain

While Germany is trapped in snow and ice again, Italy and Spain are enjoying their spring already. The almond bloom is in full swing in southern Europe, and the growers in those regions are hoping that the night frost has come to an end. Frost can damage the sensitive almond blossoms and, in turn, endanger the new season.

Prognoses about the new crop

It is still too early for any accurate prognoses about the European markets. Meteorologists are not anticipating any night frost that could impact the blossoms. If these conditions remain in place, there will be a good chance of a successful crop! We stay in constant contact with our strategic partners at the source to keep you updated about all developments. For more information and ideas about almond oil and almond protein, check out our BLOG. Besides the nut oils discussed here, we focus on many other specialities such as apricot kernel oil, castor oil, castor oil derivatives, skincare oils, sebacic acid, the world of organic oils and gourmet oils, and vegetable oils, proteins and flours in general. If you need further information, our sales team will be pleased to assist. 

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