Tank storage and bottling area

21. September 2017

Ever since our move to Niederkrüchten-Dam last spring, we have been beaming with pride about our tank storage and the connected bottling area. We would not have got there without ALTERMIJ De GOUWE B.V. from Gouda (NL), which draws from 65 years of experience in building tanks. We ordered nine stainless-steel tanks with a volume of 450,000 litres each. The pipe systems were assembled and installed by AM Industriemontage. One of the tanks is equipped with a special, integrated heating system used exclusively for our castor oil. It helps us bottle the oil at a temperature of 40 °C. Another tank features a mixing stirrer that allows us to produce mixtures of a wide range of different speciality oils. To prevent cross-contamination, each of our tanks has its own pipe systems and an individual nitrogen supply that ensures the durability of the contained product. Thanks to a Fricke bottling plant, we can also bottle batches of 9–3,000 kg fully automatically and in accordance with our customers’ unique requirements. Our warehouse manager, Michael Müller, concludes:“Thanks to the higher volumes and resulting flexibility, we are setting new standards on the speciality oil market. We are very proud of this.” Besides whey products and proteins, we focus on oils such as almond oil, walnut oil, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, skincare oils, the world of organic oils and gourmet oils and on vegetable oils in general.

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