Spring clean at OPW Ingredients!

15. April 2014

We herewith advise you that from Wednesday 16th April 2014 we will undertake a proper spring cleaning in our warehouses and tanks. Straight after Easter, as soon as this cleaning effort has been completed, we will also immediately take in our ocean vessel (the Stolt Helluland) and the barge Volharding 11 in Nijmegen. This cleaning and maintenance period is undertaken to ensure that we can maintain and continuously offer the highest service and quality levels. We courteously request our customers to plan the demands and call offs carefully and communicate the requirements by 16th April 2014 with our logistics and contract department, so that we can ensure a smooth and trouble free dispatch of the goods and the April and May contracts can be executed without any troubles! Under our company slogan: simple things done well” and in support of the ISO 9001 : 2008 and the HACCP certification we will get this done without a hitch. Any questions, please feel free to call us any time! Your OPW TEAM is only satisfied, when you are satisfied!

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