Sesame protein – a flavoursome protein for tasty snacks

03. July 2017

This past week, each day seemed sunnier than the last. Even the most doubtful among us have finally had to concede: summer has come. It is the favourite time of year for most of us. Some love the great barbecue parties, while others cannot wait to escape their everyday duties and spend a great summer holiday somewhere sunny and relaxing. To make sure that your protein intake does not suffer among all the outdoor feasts, we recommend that you include one high-protein meal per day in your diet, e.g. a nutritious shake. The most popular protein shakes are based on pea or rice protein. To mix things up a little, we recommend our sesame protein

Tip: mix 20–30 g of sesame protein into some coconut milk or oat milk and enjoy! In addition to its unique and pleasant flavour, sesame protein brings more value to the table:

  • a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids
  • all eight essential amino acids
  • iron
  • vitamin B1 + B6
  • folic acid
  • a high amount of magnesium and manganese
  • a high fibre content

We will be happy to answer your questions in person! Besides flours and proteins, we focus on oils such as Almond oil, Walnut oil, Apricot kernel oil, Castor oil, Castor oil derivatives, Sesame oil, MCT oil, oils for personal care, Sebacic acid and the world of organic and gourmet oils.

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