Black cumin seed oil: a natural healer?

27. July 2018

Ever since we expanded our business from pure trading to operating an oil mill, black cumin seed oil has become a firmly established part of our everyday work. Along with cold-pressed almond oil, it is one of our flagship products.

People in the Mediterranean region have been using black cumin seed oil to alleviate different symptoms for millennia. From seeds to oil – black cumin is good for you

We’ve tried it ourselves.

Our team has personally tested the effects of our black cumin seed oil, and the results speak for themselves.

During the winter, the test subjects consumed one tablespoon of black cumin seed oil every morning with breakfast and every evening after brushing their teeth. They did not drink or eat anything afterwards. Black cumin seed oil covers the inside of the mouth and throat, preventing pathogens from settling there. This kept the classic precursor of the common cold – the sore throat – away, and our colleagues got through the cold season without getting ill.

Even now, black cumin seed oil can protect you from colds that may arise from the improper use of air conditioning units.

The origin of our seeds

We source the seeds for our conventional and organic black cumin seed oil directly from the main growing regions in Egypt. Following a thorough batch release process, we import them to Niederkrüchten by the container.

Our own black cumin seed oil is “made in Germany”. Its two grades – cold-pressed organic and cold-pressed conventional – are available in various quantities, from 25-kg canisters in to 920-kg IBCs.

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