Pumpkin protein – a healthy alternative

27. March 2017

You cannot go wrong with pumpkin seed protein. Thanks to its high protein content of 55%, it constitutes a healthy alternative to regular flours. But there is more to pumpkin protein than protein: it also has a lot of fibre. Our pumpkin seed protein contains 15.8 grams of dietary fibre per 100 g. Fibre is important to the human body due to its positive impact on our bowel function. Unlike other substances such as protein, fat or starch, fibre is not absorbed by the intestinal lining; instead, it reaches the colon unchanged. In the colon, it is broken down into fatty acids or gases, which support your intestinal health. The following excerpt from the fibre issue of Aid magazine illustrates the fibre content of different products:

Product Amount of fibre per 100g
Pumpkin seed protein 15.8 g
Wholegrain flour 13.5
Oats 9.5
Wheat flour type 405 3.2
Sunflower seeds 6.3
Almonds 9.8
Peanuts 7.1

  Pumpkin protein can be added to many everyday meals and snacks, including shakes and baked goods, which makes it particularly easy to integrate into your everyday diet. The OPW Ingredients team will be glad to advise you on the topic of vegetable proteins.

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