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01. October 2018

Protect your skin – winter is comming soon!

The hot summer of 2018 is over, autumn is just around the corner and the cold winter is already knocking on the door. Many people have already fired the heaters and make themselves ready for the winter. But stop! It’s the same annoying problem every year: The switch between dry air and the cold outside make our skin dry and chapped… This is unpleasant and can often be very painful.

How does dry, chapped skin arise & what can be done to avoid this?

If more water evaporates from the protective horny layers than the lower skin layers can provide, sebum production becomes less and less at cold temperatures. That is why our skin needs help during winter season.

The lower the temperatures, the more fat needs the skin. Here it is particularly important to rely on lipid-containing fats as found for example in shea butter or argan oil.

Especially in the cold season you look forward to a hot shower or bath. But for the skin this is damaging. Therefore, the skin should be treated directly after showering or taking a bath with protective and nourishing ingredients, such as those contained in olive oilalmond oil or beeswax.

Caring oils for good blood circulation

If you nourish your wintry foam, food or hand bath with a small amount of caring oils, you can stimulate your blood circulation and even make annoying hard skin soft. Vegetable oils contain exactly the valuable fat building blocks which are very similar to the skin’s own lipids. They are able to get deeply absorbed and ensure that the skin regenerates very well. In winter, however, they nearly cannot be produced by the body which is why we should use them externally.

Because of antioxidants the caring oils activate cell regeneration and thanks to the important vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids they also ensure that the skin is strong and resistant to cold temperatures.

Our top caring oils to get ready for the winter 

Argan oil: Provides the skin with important nutrients and is because of its anti-inflammatory effect especially suitable for sensitive skin types

Avocado oil: This is a particularly moisturizing oil and smoothes skin from inside. It displays its full effect when applied directly to moist skin.

Jojoba oil: This oil is an excellent foundation for body creams and lotions. It is particularly hygroscopic and smoothes the skin from inside. It displays its full effect when applied directly to moist skin.

Macadamia nut oil: It has an intensive nourishing effect and therefore makes the skin soft and tender.

Almond oil: This oil is not only outstandingly suitable for nourishing massages, but also has a caring and calming effect. It displays its full effect when applied directly on moist skin.

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