Product development and innovation

30. April 2018

Requirements are rising

Over the past 30 years, our customers’ requirements in food have changed radically. Demand for innovation and natural, clean-label products is increasing steadily, which also raises the legal and quality standards new products must meet.

What makes customers buy a product?

Many different factors influence the purchase decision, including healthfulness, flavour and simplicity of preparation. Products also need to have a long shelf life and a short, easily comprehensible list of ingredients (clean label).

Innovations, developments and workshops

Innovations and product developments need inspiration, creative freedom, technical feasibility and, of course, the best raw materials. These are the core strengths of OPW Ingredients GmbH. At our production site in Niederkrüchten-Dam, we adhere to the IFS Food standards. Producers of raw materials, product developers, manufacturers, packaging specialists and marketing experts work together here. This allows us to take all our customers’ needs and wishes into account from the very first step of the development process. By sharing ideas, we incorporate both internal and external opinions into our work. For our workshops, we transform our dedicated experiment kitchen into an in-house innovation centre for baking, testing, experimenting and, of course, tasting our creations.

What equipment does OPW Ingredients GmbH have?

We are a traditional oil mill and can press any seeds and nuts with our own production facilities. Multi-component oil blends can be prepared in our mixing tanks. They have capacity for pre-blend batches of up to 35,000 litres. Besides oils, we produce a wide range of speciality flours and vegetable proteins. We will be happy to develop and bake protein and baking mixtures according to your requests. Our TEAM will be glad to assist you at any time.

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