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15. July 2014

INCI-name: Opunita ficus indica Origin: Sicily, Mexico, North Africa, Southern Europe We, the entire OPW team are always looking for new exciting oils and vegetable proteins and be very pleased to introduce the various applications for Prickly pear (Nopal Cactus) with this blog. For the time being this product is unknown in Northern Europe, but due to his health-benefits is this silver bullet very popular on the southern countries for more than hundreds of years due to its high nutritional value. According to historical records, the prickly pear cactus was used by the Maya to clean water and for soothing wounds from beginning of the 16th century. The prickly pear is exceptional; every part of this plant can be used for various applications. Prickly pear obtained a very high quality of oil, has a rich content of tocopherol (vitamin E) and the press cake can be manufactured to milling flour. The cladodes contain a fiber powder. We are pleased to provide you more information about the individual products: Our production partner has developed a gentle pressing process which does not destroy the seeds of the cactus figs during the oil extraction. With this method we obtain only 1% oil and the high quality of prickly pear seed flour (see below) with a residual oil content of 2 – 3%. The laboratory analysis introduces a high content of Vitamin E (938 mg/kg) and prickly pear is also rich on essential fatty acids (Omega 6). The vitamin E (tocopherol) is a natural antioxidant which prevents the skin against radical. These free radicals are the main reason for skin aging, because they tackle and destroy our cellular tissue. Prickly pear oil activates the cell regeneration and support the skin with important vitamins and minerals which is a perfect ingredient for anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. The pure oil is excellent as a facial oil and be used for additional applications, e.g. day creams, after sun lotion and baby oils. Argan oil has more or less the same properties like prickly pear oil, but the important vitamin E content is significant higher than from Argan oil (938 mg / kg to 620 mg/kg). The high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (65%) and monounsaturated fatty acids makes the prickly pear oil also interesting for food or functional food applications.

Fatty acid composition:

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Defatted prickly pear flour organic

As already mentioned in our oil article we obtain the oil cake after pressing which is rich on nutrients. This oil cake is gluten-free and can be used for various applications, e.g. bakery and as an emulsifier for functional foods. Please find below some applications for defatted prickly pear flour organic: - Bakery - Cooking - Functional food - Refinement and enhancement of sauces and marinades (Emulsifying property) - Refinement of desserts Beside to conventional flours, our prickly pear flour is rich on minerals and vitamins: - Iron 7,42 % - Calcium 1200 mg/kg - Magnesium 117 mg/kg During the production of superfine flour out of the whole grain, almost ¾ of the minerals are removed that the industrial processed flour is a downgraded foodstuff. In addition, many people have gluten intolerance and react specifically allergic to wheat flour. Furthermore, conventional flours contain a lot of sugar, but no fibers and minerals. A number of scientist and nutritionists justify common diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and adiposity with the copious consumption of wheat products. Our defatted prickly pear flour characterizes a high content of dietary fibers. 100 g of the defatted flour contains about 14.4 g dietary fibers. Dietary fibers are awarded positive characteristics on our metabolism and our digestion. According to reports, people have taken only 10 g of dietary fibers in average. During the Stone Age people consume nearly 104 g per person which is ten times higher than today.

Prickly Pear Cladodes Powder

Another very interesting product manufactured out of prickly pear cladodes is a powder, which is obtained from the pads (cladodes, stems) of the prickly pear cactus. Before processing, the pads will be cleaned, sliced and dehydrated. The nutrient-rich powder of the prickly pear is a perfect substitute for conventional wheat flour, especially for person with allergies. (gluten-free) With his unique profile of secondary plant compound, vitamins and minerals, the prickly pear cladodes powder is excellent for nutritional food with all important nutrient substances for the human body. The powder also includes important vitamins and minerals, which helps our body to detoxify and to reduce our level of blood sugar and cholesterol. Primarily responsible for this benefit is the high amount of fibers which is more than 50 %. The high amount of fiber is also responsible that the nutrition will be digesting slowly and our feeling of satiety is longer. (Fibers are binding water in our bowel). For this reason the prickly pear cladodes powder is an appetizing killer and helps people with adiposities to reduce their weight easier and will be more important as an ingredients for dietary and healthy lifestyle. Serious market studies highlight that the Nopal prickly pear powder has stabilizing and regulating effect for our blood sugar content. With this regulated blood sugar level you will feel much better, more energetic and your spirit will increase in general. Main applications for prickly pear cladode powder are bread mixes, wellness and diet products. The prickly pear cladode powder can be used in almost every bakery products, smoothies, soups, dressings, fitness bars and many other applications to increase the dietary fibers and nutritional value of these applications to a higher level. [nggallery id="11"]

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