Pomegranate kernel oil

04. June 2014

Origin: Turkey, Iran INCI NAME: Punica granatum (pomegranate) seed oil This unique and high quality oil is getting more and more attention for it’s health constitutional and anti-oxidative properties, especially food application and body care products.   The uniqueness of the Pomegranate oil in the world of vegetable oils and fats is based to it’s high content of the rare Punicic fatty acid. The Punicic acid belongs to the Omega 5 fatty acids and contents a high amount of anti-oxidative values. This value protects our body from free radicals, which are responsible for skin aging and other health disease. Fettsaeurenzusammensetzung Pure and unaltered used, the Pomegranate oil is an extremely healthy und high quality face care product and helps our skin to regenerate from sunburn and deploys its anti-inflammatory characteristics. The Gamma-Linolenic acid, which you find only in the nature in the Pomegranate fruit is the main reason why the Pomegranate oils has so much healthy properties. The Gamma-Linoleic acid is a poly unsaturated fatty acid and is very important for our metabolism. We were able to secure, a high amount of high quality seeds for good condition, which helps us to offer our high quality Pomegranate oil with an extremely competitive price The origin of our seeds is Turkey. The seed will be pressed at our strategic partner Parodi Nutra in Italy. We guarantee 100% traceability and we would be pleased to convince you about the quality of our Pomegranate oil. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact our Team from OPW immediately.

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