Peachkernel oil

23. April 2014

Peaches with leaves on the old wooden table.INCI-name: Prunus Persica kernel oil

We offer outstanding Peachkernel oil in cold pressed refined in conventional and organic qualities

Origins: Mediterranean Sea countries, USA, China

Peachkernel oil originated originally from North and Central China. Today the cultivation has migrated through India, through the Middle and Near East and as far away as the USA. The Kernels of the 3-4 meter high Peach trees have an oil content of 30 to 45%. The oil extraction is typically by means of expeller pressing of the kernels at ambient temperatures. The expelled oil has a bright yellow color and is practically odorless. With an oleic acid content of ~60%, Linoleic Acid of ~15-35% and ~5-8% Palmitic Acid, Peachkernel oil has a very similar fatty acid distribution / spectrum like our sweet Almond oil. On account of its fatty acid distribution, Peachkernel oil is less prone to oxidation and is less likely to turn rancid quickly which makes it a very popular product as a base oil in personal care and hair care products. The skin smoothing and caring properties are the main characteristics which come to the forefront, where it penetrates slowly into the skin. This is what makes it particularly popular as a key ingredient for massage oils. Due to its mild taste, Peachkernel is increasingly more popular in the kitchen, where on the basis of the refining process the heat stability of the oil is enhanced. The oil supplied by OPW is mainly processed from Peachkernel from fruit orchards in the South of Italy. Lately we have started to source a smaller volume of products from Turkey. Together with our strategic supply chain partners in the origin markets OPW can today successfully promote ~500 tonnes of this wonderful oil. Similar to Apricot kernel there are anticipated supply shortages and we expect bottle necks for Peachkernel oil on account of the exceptional weather conditions which were experienced in Turkey.

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