OPW Trendcheck February 2015 Castor oil and Castor oil Derivatives

09. February 2015

 Currently we are going straight forward to the Chinese New Year and the international Castor oil conference in Ahmedabad / India! Since there is only little carry-in stock available between the old and the new harvest it could be that the prices will rise. Due to current information there are only short quantities of seeds in the market and speculators secure material onto their stocks. Therefore many oil mills are running on low production capacities and are waiting for new seed arrivals. Oil prices out of the new crop are traded on much lower price levels for future deliveries. However this is on short-term speculation business! Furthermore there is the bad development of the exchange rate EUR/USD of the last 6 months which caused stronger prices for our products Castor oil FSG, 12HSA, HCO and Sebacic acid on today’s price levels. The current exchange range is EUR/USD +/- 1.14. Whilst taking into account the current economic development, we cannot expect a softer USD in the short term. rizinusoel_grafik_feb15 From today’ point of view, we expect that the market will ease by the end of March / beginning of April. The oil prices should decline as usual during this period according to the annual scenario at the origin. Analysts still estimate the current crop size up to 1.1 - 1.2 million tons. According to information of speculators in the market the crop size will be expected up to 1.4 – 1.5 million tons. These speculation activities ensure that the prices for future dates are declined on short notice. Here we should take into account that the new harvest will start slowly in March. It will take some weeks until the oil will be physically in Europe. During this time the oil will be in transit in the way from India to Europe. More information about the market scenario and development will be available after the International Castor oil conference by end of this month. We will keep you updated continuously with news from the main planting areas in Gujarat and Rajasthan / India. Based on the current factors we advise you to cover your demands of Castor oil FSG, 12 HSA, HCO and Sebacic acid up to and including April / May 2015. Within the next weeks we will receive news from the market, which we will communicate to you as usual! We will be pleased to guide you during this period, to ensure sufficient cover for your requirement. We will support you with our highest service levels and like every season, it will be very important to reach out for the right moment to secure material on attractive price levels. We are ready to discuss this in a personal meeting at your earliest convenience.

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