OPW Organics – recertification audit 2014 / 2015:

06. May 2014

On 6th May 2014 2014 BCS Öko organic certifying body audited on the premises of OPW Ingredients GmbH in Viersen. BCS Öko Nuremburg undertook its annual control audit and has reconfirmed the full organic certification status for all our specialty oils and fats, protein and whey products. Mr. Lars Henning, responsible for the organic audit summarizes: „Honest organic quality, is our commitment! From the origin of the organic feedstock, through to the end-product, from the application through to the final application we are totally dedicated to the highest organic standards available in our industry”.With this milestone behind us, we can continue our daily business in support of customers high value organic products“.Organic product listOur organic certrificates Oeko_Garantie2


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