OPW @ Mobile

09. April 2014

Since the beginning of this month we are not only present on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. That we are able to report to you the important news from the world of oils better and faster, we have adjusted our website to the mobile world! This is not just about „Usability Optimisation“ but also simply „Adaptation“! At OPW we state „simple things done well! …“ as such we decided to make it a clear objective to make the access and navigation on our website more simple! The adaptation and adjustments we completed are a massive improvement. The simplicity and usability has been fine-tuned with our partner Baseplus DIGITAL MEDIA. Today it is “GO-Live!” Our own, but also the mobility of our business partners is supported by these innovative advancements. The professional design which is driven by and state of the art technology as well as the mobile version of the OPW website supports our transparent, cosmopolitan service to our business partners. This will ensure that OPW is even more present in the internet than before! Branimir Witt, Managing director and owner of BASEPLUS summarizes these developments as follows: „The accessibility of OPW Ingredients GmbH has reached new dimensions. With these important steps we continuously improve the online marketing profile of the company. The focus on a uniform optimization and corresponding Corporate Design are additional pillars which are now also visible in the mobile version of the OPW internet presence. As a highly innovative and modern thinking company, OPW Ingredients GmbH is now positioned on an entirely different level.“

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