OPW-Logistik „going GREEN!“

28. March 2014

Our company slogan is now visible on the European motorways!

„Simple things done well!‘‘

During the winter months we started our „origins campaign“ with the clear objective to make our supply chain even more transparent for our customers. Our product focus besides the whey and proteins is geared towards our vegetable oils; Almond oil, Walnut oil, Apricot kernel oil, Sesame oil, MCT oil, oils for personal care, Sebacic acid and the world of organic and gourmet oils.

OPW @ Inside!

The marketing department at OPW challenged the TEAM with the following task; to develop catching design for our ISO TANKS. All employees got into their creative mode, and the results were gob smacking! We were truly surprised what our oils and fats specialists came up with! Winner of the design challenge was Mr. Adem Bozaci, trader since 2009. Today responsible for the sales of Castor oil and Castor oil derivatives he summarized his design as follows: “for me this simple ISOTANK is like my business card. I think it is extremely important that my customers know exactly what’s inside! That is the reason why I highlighted OIL, PROTEIN and WHEY in the OPW Green section so clearly”. The traceability of our products back into the origin markets is one part of the supply chain; an extremely important role is the logistics performance to ensure the highest quality in products and service is delivered one time – each time! This is where the OPW slogan is field tested: “simple things done well!” a well-thought-out logistics supply chain backed by reliable logistic service providers is the key to our success and achieving our goal – to satisfy our customers! [nggallery id="3"]

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