OPW flour

15. July 2014

Beside OPW’s product range of vegetable oils and proteins we have launched a third assortment which has a significant share in our portfolio as well. These new specialty flours are obtained during the production of oils and will be available as press cakes which are rich on nutrients. They find favour and will be more important for the food supplement industry as in various bakery stores. We already get enquiries for flours which are manufactured out of almonds, beans, red lentils, linseed, rice and pomegranate kernels.     This new product range of flours makes so much popularity that enquiries are much bigger than quantities are available in the market. Therefore prices increase continuously. With excellent cooperation’s within our supply chain we have secured volumes of these requested flours which we can offer on a fair price level. Even for our flour products we guaranty a 100% traceability to the origin, which is well- known for our various oils like, Almond, Walnut, Apricot kernel, Peach kernel, Coconut, Sesame and MCT oil. Our most famous flour product is Almond flour. This was in the past an importunate oddment during the processing oil Almond oil and was utilized for the feed industry. Today it is a valuable product which will be used as an ingredient in gourmet restaurants. Furthermore it is suitable for bakery as a gluten free ingredient. With his few content of fat 6 – 15% and protein content 30 – 60% it is a perfect ingredient for sport nutrition. With a wide choice of applications is the market interested on the availability of this few limited remaining quantity. Specialty flours were only famous in the French cuisine, but capture in the meantime also the German market. The bean flour supports with his high content of lecithin’s a much better consistence for pastry. Only 2% of the bean flour is relevant to improve the consistent of pastry and raise the bakery quality. Bean flour is also named as a natural emulsifier. Therefore it will be more used for the bakery of baguettes. Furthermore the bean flour persuade with his high content of 30% proteins. The red lentils flour is also an interesting product and has his origin in India and Turkey. As a result of his prominent taste the flour has a wide range of applications; especially for the improvement of pizza and noodle products. However for the preparation of spread and dips red lentils as excellent benefits. Linseeds are a healthy ingredient beside the linseed oil which will be also confirmed by his excellent flour. Linseed flour has an oil content of nearly 12% and contains all omega 3 fatty acids as well. The high content of ligines prevents cancer. Furthermore the flour is rich on mineral, fibers, protein and has a low content of carbohydrate. Therefore it is more popular in the low carb kitchen. The linseed flour is also suitable for bakery with his nutty taste and can be used for cereals to action of the bowels. The rice flour is one of the most common products for the Asia cuisine. Basically it will be produced during milling out of long grain rice, broken rice, short grain rice and medium grain rice which are perfect to produce the flour. Japanese use if more often to manufacturer sweets and the Thai cuisine for processing noddle’s and to thicken sauce. Since the rice flour do not contains any glutin, it is also perfect for bakery and for gluten free diet. In Germany is the rice flour not very popular and therefore more common in Asia and Turkey supermarkets. Rice flour can be replaced by maize flour and potato starch. Pomegranates exist for more than 5.000 years BC and their origin is central Asia. He will be much valued for high content of vitamins and minerals. The press cake of the Pomegranate is still rich on high contents of vitamins and minerals and therefore the Pomegranate flour can be used multi- purpose. The popularity is also for fruit bars, cereals or desserts and there is an increasing demand available.

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