Exhibition: FIBO & FIBO Power

07. April 2014

Last weekend the OPW Team, headed by Lukas Wunderlich, attended the worldwide leading and largest exhibition for Fitness, Wellness, Beauty and Health products in Cologne Germany. The FIBO exhibition was held in Cologne for the second time and more than 100.000 visitors from more than 100 countries came to the show, which was sold out for the general public. We were amongst these 100.000 visitors who filled the stands (700 in total) from Thursday through to Sunday. These massive attendance levels are indicative that the market for food supplement for wellness, fitness and sports is very significant indeed. The demand side is varied and new applications for novel health ingredients are growing year on year. OPW Ingredients accompanies these trends and will continue to develop products to stay on the forefront of these market developments. Managing Director Onno Jongkind summarized the OPW activities in this exciting industry as follows: „The direction of the company was originally only in the oils and fats specialties. Since October 2012 we widened our product portfolio in protein and whey products. With whey powder concentrates, MCT oil, whey powder isolates, Almond flour, Walnut flour and Pea-protein isolate we have developed a very interesting product range, in addition to our classical products, on offer for the supplements industry” Together with our strategic production partners we produce a wide range of high quality milk and vegetable based proteins. We can also offer blends and promoted these actively! Members of the sales and marketing team, guided by Lukas Wunderlich held many good discussions with current and new business partners. Visits to major „Big-Player“ in the industry brought new ideas about novel ingredients. Responsible for the food supplements department at OPW, Lukas Wunderlich summarized these positive developments as follows: „After two very intensive days in Cologne we can draw a positive balance on the meetings and we already look forward to next years’ event! Our raw materials are spot on! The healthy oils, in outstanding quality, our innovative protein and outstanding whey products are on the absolute forefront of developments!“.

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