OPW – data security

22. May 2014

OPW strengthened the company security with the appointment of Mr. Adem Bozaci in his capacity as data security and data protection administrator. Mr. Bozaci ensures that the current laws and federal regulations (BDSG, TMG und TKG) governing data security are observed, he advises the management and trains the various departments within the OPW organization covering all matters concerning data security and data protection. Mr. Bozaci took part in various seminars at the TÜV Nord academy; the legal background, the secure data organization as well as the basic principles of IT security were covered and implemented internally. His most significant tasks in the company are amongst others; the wholesome controlling and supervision of the data processing applications such as the OPW ERP System - SAP ByDesign. In our company Mr. Bozaci is with immediate effect the official mediator between the persons concerned, i.e. whose data is processed on the one hand and the persons in charge on the other hand, who process and secure the data. Adem summarizes his responsibility as follows: „The responsible and careful handling of sensitive data as well as an effective data security management is a prerequisite of running a successful business today and cannot be ignored in our daily operations. During various discussions with business partners and my colleagues I have determined that an effective data security and data protection generally is considered as an additional quality characteristic of our organization“. The federal laws governing data protection form the statutory framework, and within that OPW make a good job of it, along it’s company slogan: „simple things done well!!...“. As far as data protection is concerned with the following subtext: “difficult things equally so!Tuev_Nord_thumb

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