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02. October 2014

Logo-pur-natur_thumbOn 7th October the international natural cosmetic congress starts in Berlin. This year the conference is themed "natural cosmetics 2020". Because this industry is one of the most important markets and future markets for OPW Ingredients GmbH our TEAM follows the trends and perspectives in this market segment extremely closely. Therefore we decided to devote a dedicated BLOG for this Natural Ingredients and natural cosmetics market. What is the contribution of OPW in the area of natural cosmetics? Between our high quality organic - food sector and the natural cosmetic industry we see parallels. The most important trends from today's perspective are sustainability, the origin, contract farming and fairness in the entire supply chain. Particularly, we emphasize the importance to ensure and demonstrate the key aspects such the efficacy and demonstrable effects in natural cosmetic products. Similarly, together with our customers and suppliers, we will discuss these issues openly in line with our company slogan "Simple things done well ...". We do so, in order to be prepared for sustainable growth in this exciting market of natural products. Our product focus besides the whey and proteins is geared towards our vegetable oils; Almond oil, Walnut oil, Apricot kernel oil, Sesame oil, MCT oil, oils for the main stream personal care market, the world of organic and gourmet oils and vegetable oils in general. Pure Nature: Unfortunately that’s not the case everywhere! Many final products in this market segment are from the reform movement, with the first approaches dating back to the reform cosmetics of the 1960s and 1970s. Accordingly, these products are still today formulated by those early pioneers and other natural cosmetics producers with an absolute commitment on pure natural raw materials. Certainly, we witness different mass movements from recent history, where many “inspired” and supposedly “natural” beauty products have come onto the international market. The growth market and the massive revenues generated unfortunately also attract traders and copy-cat processors. Most notably, a product with a miniscule amount of natural ingredients and an Almond blossom on the packaging, based on a chemical composition is sold as a natural product. Whether Almond oil is inside and indeed if it is contained in such minimal amounts, one must doubt the efficacy and seriously question the marketing efforts. Such an almond cream quite honestly, simply turns out,… as a pure chemistry. We highlight that this occurs, even when the INCI (the small print list of cosmetic ingredients) reveals whether petroleum derivatives, aggressive preservatives and more artificial chemical ingredients are used. Notwithstanding this, not every end user is actually aware of “what’s inside“? However, through more public relations, the ombudsman, consumer interest groups and offensive advertising campaign this awareness is growing! Our conclusion: Notable and reliable natural cosmetic companies have created this wonderful market; they live nature and keep the natural spirit with pure natural ingredients alive for millions of consumers to enjoy. The market for natural cosmetics increased so fast that for some application, drugstores and cosmetic departments, the “Natural products” weren’t or aren’t fully developed or competitive enough. In our opinion the natural cosmetics market will undergo a “natural” movement where these pseudo natural products will gradually disappear. This will happen when the discerning end consumer realize that the products are simply not as natural as they claim to be. We don’t have any illusions: the false labelling will not vanish immediately… but what we are totally confident about: Nature = Nature.What is natural, is defined… Not only we have realized, not everything “green” and “natural” is actually “inside”, even when the products happens to be declared as such … In recent conferences, trade and commodity fairs and most certainly in relevant forums this is pointed out and has been discussed openly for many years. The Federal Ministry of Health has begun in the early 1990s to create the guidelines and in a criteria catalog, which has evolved over the last 20 years in a directive for "Certified Natural Cosmetics". Link: http://www.kontrollierte-naturkosmetik.de/e/index_e.htm A natural cosmetic working group of the Federal Association of German Industry and Commerce (BDIH) has done the ground work here. Well over 1000 products have been tested for their ingredients. Furthermore, the BDIH has reviewed the production and to a large extent also certified the same in doing so. The BDIH quality seal of approval is for the customer a guarantee of natural and good quality products. Well informed customers buy natural cosmetics with this seal. Controlled natural cosmetics are usually also accompanied by other certifications, most notably Demeter, Ecocert or NaTrue. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Favorite color is green! With our partners in the growing regions in the origin we regularly discuss the requirements and innovations which we should promote and jointly we set new impulses in the world of natural cosmetics! Our prime goal: to build on the best raw material sources, pure natural origins and ensure total credibility in the entire supply chain. Our mutual commitments in this endeavor are a significant part of our TRANSPARENCY campaign. Under our slogan, “OPW -, that’s inside” we work on a sustainable and transparent supply chain, and in doing so we are most certainly not alone! Serious double digit growth rates are forecasted in the natural cosmetics market. This industry is most certainly no longer a “niche” on the side of main stream personal care markets. Recent years have shown that customer interest increases and that demand grows steadily, backed by a steady internationalization in this sector. In order to reach these markets and capture this growth potential the main markets in Europe need to differentiate. We also note a steady increase in the enquiries from the emerging markets, in which we also are supplying our natural ingredients. Above all in China and India. We are steady working on our products which can be used for natural cosmetic: the OPW Origin campaign is a concerted part of this strategy – furthermore you will find on our NEWS and BLOG section. Be inspired and convince yourself… at OPW, all signs are signaling on GREEN! Please visit the following links, to sample a few – new NATURAL ideas Prickly Pear oilSeabuckthorn oilPommegranate kernal oilGrapeseed oilApricotkernal oilArgan oilAlso please visit our Transparency BLOG thats-inside-thumb        

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