OPW appoints GEOCHEM Independent quality surveyors appointed in India

01. June 2014

Since many years OPW Ingredients GmbH and the GEOCHEM group have been working successfully together, so it was high time to announce the official appointment of GEOCHEM as OPW’s exclusive and dedicated quality surveyors in India! GEOCHEM are widely known as independent and utmost reliable, international quality surveyors. With regular travels to the origin and intensive contact with the manufacturers we jointly ensure excellent access to the market and an up-to-date knowledge about our products in terms of: traceability, quality assurance and quality control. With regards to the quality we can guarantee consistency and we would like to inform you that our material is at all times shipped and supplied in accordance with agreed specification or pre-shipment samples. We are proud to reports: today, with GEOCHEM Laboratories, we do all the critical inspections of the goods we export from India. Please visit http://www.geochem.net.in/ for more information! We are totally committed to quality and we are passionate about our products. In various recent publications and bulletin boards there have been critical reviews and claims of contaminations of high quality products. This is reason enough to highlight our quality assurance and control commitments: we guarantee the highest products quality and build on strategic co-operations with certified partners and independent surveyors within the supply chain. We make your requirements to our basic principle and prerequisite for the traceability of our products back to the origin. The selection of raw materials, production processes, service providers and transport routes are selected according to the strictest norms. These are coordinated internationally and regularly audited. In this way OPW can assure its customers the highest quality, at all times! 


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