OPW Almond oil refined Ph Euro and Almond MR / Quality and Genuine Origin

12. February 2019

This is to reconfirm and guarantee that the oil supplied by OPW and our strategic supply chain partners FRATELLI PARODI is a genuine grade which will fit 100% all customer requirements. In this BLOG we explain the origin and difference in quality and specification. Upfront: Both the Ph Eur 8.0 and also the MR quality are PURE Almond oil products! The Sterol profile according to Ph Eur 8.0 specification guarantee the genuine of the Almond oil refined Ph Eur 8.0 and the Almond oil refined MR will be send with signed certification which will confirm the genuine of Almond oil and that the oil is not blended with Soybean oil, Rapeseed oil or Sunflower oil.  

Simple things done well!

Almond Oil Ph Eur 8.0 In line with the OPW company slogan, the Ph Eur. 8.0 is simply the most pure of the products, where OPW and FRATELLI PARODI guarantee by gas chromatograph the normed, typical fatty acid and sterol profile according to Ph Eur. 8.0 specification:  For exclusive supply chain this outstanding oil is only produced by whole Almonds! This yields the absolute highest quality product available in the market! Almond Oil MR  The MR grade stems from “Olio Mandorla Raffinato” a well-established, high quality Almond oil from European Origin. This grade is offered and supplied, as a cost effective – and competitive alternative vs. the high end Ph Eur 8.0 grade, to customers where the final application will not require the explicitly sterol profile. The MR grade is based on powder/ oil stock Almonds where we cannot guarantee the full sterol profile conformity on each batch but the oil shows a typical sterol profile for Almond oil and will be guaranteed no blend with Soybean oil, Rapeseed oil, Sunflower oil or other “cheap” oils. This is guaranteed, certified independently and can be audited any time! Origins OPW Ingredients and FRATELLI PARODI are bold enough to go beyond accepted norms! For both the Ph Euro and the MR grades only the best raw materials are sourced from loyal, reliable and longstanding partners. Each batch, each lot of inbound goods is monitored according to certified and approved quality assurance and control systems to fulfill the agreed specification. Coupled with the highest standards in processing and backed up by a certified, accredited and ultra-modern laboratory with an extensive TEAM of highly trained, dedicated vegetable oils and fats experts. Product Integrity The ultimate strength of our supply chain performance is derived from the integrity of our products and those responsible for delivering quality; our highly motivated TEAM! Whether Ph Eur 8.0 derived from full nut Almonds or our outstanding MR grade obtained from broken Almonds feedstock, we make no compromises on quality! The integrity of the products and our company will never be compromised! Neither would we risk the reputation of our valued customers and business partners! The joined teams of oil experts of OPW and FRATELLI PARODI have a ZERO tolerance on adulteration. Unexpected and mysterious blends are highly attacked and will be challenged to save the good name of Almond oil.

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