Oil tasting @ OPW Ingredients GmbH

02. April 2014

During the last winter, the TEAM at OPW Ingredients organized its first ever oil tasting. This event was an important component of our “origins” campaign, with the clear objective to highlight the diversity of our product range and to make the supply chain even more transparent. Managing director, Onno Jongkind already preached for many years: „I can give an evening filling program on the subject matter of vegetable oils and fats, protein and whey products“. During one specific meeting with Mr. Norbert Jansen, head of the economic development council of the city of Viersen this was spontaneously picked up and we agreed to put that into reality and make it happen! An so it became; … a week before Christmas OPW Ingredients invited customers, suppliers, service providers, bank partners and long-standing friends from the trade. Mr. Thorben Henning sales manager summarized this as follows: „In the area of B2C there are product promotions, ranging from personal care, candles to the widely known Tupperware Parties. In recent history one can hear of trendy wine and whiskey-tastings events. In the B2B area where OPW is positioned with its raw materials, this had never taken place! … and so WE simply decided to do one; and so „the OPW oil tasting” was born!“. Our product focus besides the whey and proteins is geared towards our vegetable oils; Almond oil, Walnut oil, Apricot kernel oil, Sesame oil, MCT oil, oils for personal care, Sebacic acid and the world of organic and gourmet oils… In line with our company slogan; „Simple things done well!“ our products should be placed in the foreground. What we actually found is that during our 1st event the networking amongst the market participants and stakeholders became much more conspicuous! Though this was neither intended nor planned, the net effect was very welcome indeed! The response was overwhelming and the results were astounding! Even during the afternoon and evening various important projects were spontaneously kicked off. Good contacts were made amongst the guests who previously did not knew each other; this happened during the oil tasting and the subsequent live cooking demonstration. Consequently this 1st OPW oil tasting event was a great close of the year, with many strong impulses for the New Year! This was also the perception of Helmut Pollmanns (board member), Thomas Hoffmann (Director) both of VOLKSBANK VIERSEN eG, and Thomas Küppers und Norbert Jansen, on the part of the economic development council of the City of Viersen. As a direct result, OPW Ingredients GmbH was chosen to be the first of three business meeting labelled “ViersenDialog”. On 26th March 2014, 50 companies were gathered for this kick-off event. In FOCUS: networking “Live”. Jointly with the TEAM of the VOLKSBANK VIERSEN and the City of Viersen various entrepreneurs, business leaders and service providers from the region gather three times per year in processing units located in the municipality and surrounding region. This was broadly reported in the local press under the article: “Erfolgreicher Auftakt vom ViersenDialog / … a successful kick-off with ViersenDialog“. To accentuate the great quality and diversity of our oils range, we invited Chef Hans Joachim (HaJo) Hansen to join us; he is managing director and owner of the Bleichermühle and Kochmühle. During the welcome reception 4 freshly baked types of bread were dressed with the roasted varieties of Walnut oil, Hazelnut oil and Argan oil. Directly next to our oils storage and warehouse Ha-Jo build up his outdoor kitchen for the day, which is part of his WEBER GRILL ACADMENY. If our oils didn’t make our guests hearts beat any faster, the shining Weber grills certainly did! The first dishes were arrangements of fresh pasta with Argan oil, Pistachio oil, Grapeseed oil with basil and lemon gras, as well as Truffle oil. The main course was BBQ smoked Fjord salmon, covered with a vinaigrette and mayonnaise of walnut oil and grapeseed oil. For many the crowning dish was the desert; „Arme Ritter“, this is a French-dipped toast, with roasted almond oil, roasted almonds, fresh apricots and apricot kernel oil, garnished with a dash of beautiful seabuckthorn oil … The day was blessed by fantastic weather and so the grill season was started! When the guest left in the afternoon, finally knowing that there is much more to life, than Extra virgin olive oil, plans were already smitten for our next event! 

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