Oil tasting event at OPW Ingredients GmbH in Viersen, Germany

17. January 2014

The response was tremendous and the OPW premises were bursting to the seams. The company had invited customers, partners and suppliers for an informal get-together; an information and evening-filling event with an inviting, for most an equally exciting yet rather mysterious title; "OPW Oil - tasting: bringing the world of oils and fats close to you…" What to expect, what to imagine? Most of the visitors, like us, had probably asked exactly those questions in anticipation of the evening filled with oil, proteins and whey products: how can one practically bring the world of such ingredients closer? The Team at OPW set out to complete exactly that task and meticulously planned the idea through to the execution of this highly interesting, informative and unforgettable experience. Notwithstanding the generous OPW Ingredients GmbH warehouse and office premises, where one cannot speak of minimalism, it quickly became very crowded in the corridors due to the high level of attendance. In the welcome address which started the event, Onno Jongkind the OPW managing director stated: “we invited many friends. And since many friends had said "YES" to our invitation we all have to push a bit closer together”. In his opening presentation the history and origins of the various oils, fats, protein and whey products, as well as the wide range of processing techniques were outlined. The unique methods, the advantages and disadvantages thereof, were highlighted. Questions about the quality and differences between oils were answered and explained in great detail. How the purity is evaluated and quality is guaranteed was picked out as a very central theme. It is core to the company’s long term vision and mission: quality, quality and yet again quality! Yet again, it became evident on this evening that OPW is not out there to re-invent the wheel and that the company’s slogan "simple things done well" actually works - fabulously! The Team stood out with a high degree of motivation and professional competence; the guests were pampered and the tasting from the OPW kitchen was simply delicious! Head Chef Lars Voskühlen used exquisite oils such as OPW’s excellent Pumpkinseed oil, Grapeseed oil, Olive oil, Argan oil and Sesame oil. After this evening one thing is crystal clear; in our everyday life, nothing works without these ingredients! We learned that these key raw materials are used in just about every walk of life; in medicines, cosmetics, technical applications and of course all sorts of foodstuffs. In our opinion the premise of quality cannot be emphasized enough. In that respect the employees of OPW Ingredients GmbH developed "four islands": tropical & exotic, local & organic, wellness & fitness, gourmet & Mediterranean. The visitors were divided into various groups (e.g. the Olive group and the Almond group etc.) and subsequently moved around, passing the various „islands” in sequence where specific information was provided by dedicated specialist in the OPW Team. For example; the experts for cosmetics were ready to take any question on the use and application of specialty oils. By the same token, each visitor could sample the various oils: tasting (with bread), touching and evaluating the odor of the wide range of products on display. Onno Jongkind challenged: "do not hesitate to get stuck in" … humorously he completed "we have plenty of wet-wipes for the lot of you"! And so, many followed this invitation and accordingly the Motto of the evening "Oil tasting" became a lively affair! What was difficult for us as a visitor to imagine became rapidly clear; the products of OPW are tangible, omnipresent and the efforts on display by the OPW Team a direct result of their high degree of expertise. All in all: this was really interesting! Even Willis Barnstone (American poet) wrote: "to the four elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air - one should actually add a fifth, … oil". At the end of the evening each guest was personally bid farewell with a personal gift: a bottle of high quality – extra virgin olive oil. On behalf of the entire BASEPLUS Team, I would like to express our thanks for this great experience and that we will be pleased to participate in future events.

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