Natural sun protection with vegetable oils

03. May 2018

The days are longer, the air is warmer, and the first rays of sun tickle your skin. Spring has sprung and summer is not far off. We must take extra care of our skin on hot days, as extended sunbathing can leave it irritated or even burned. At the same time, sunlight is good for our skin: it stimulates the production of vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system. Natural sunscreen that protects you from burns while letting in all the goodness of UV light is just what you need!   Vegetable oils are not just great in the kitchen. Besides frying and baking, you can also use them as a protective and nurturing skincare product before a long day in the sun. The multi-talented coconut oil, sesame seed oil and hemp oil are especially suitable.  

Natural sun protection with coconut oil

Coconut oil can block around 20% of UV rays. Besides its pleasant scent, it also lends the skin a beautiful sheen. This makes it an excellent skincare product that does not clog the pores. It only leaves a light, airy film that allows the skin to breathe easily.

Natural sun protection with sesame seed oil

Sesame seed oil is said to be one of the most effective natural sunscreens, filtering up to 30% of UV rays. It also moisturises the skin for extra smoothness. The antioxidants contained in the oil neutralise free radicals and protect the skin from damage and wrinkles.

Natural sun protection with hemp oil

While the precise sun protection factor of hemp oil is not known, it is often used as a light sunscreen. It blocks UV rays but allows the body to absorb vitamin D from the sun. Hemp oil is an excellent substitute for regular sunscreen if you are already tanned, as tanned skin only needs light protection. If you have any more questions about our vegetable oils, please get in touch. Our sales team will be happy to assist.

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