MCT oil

17. March 2014

INCI: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Origin: medium chain tri-glycerides from C8-C10 fatty acids from mainly Malaysia and Indonesia

A very exciting coconut fat/oil derivative is our MCT oil. Well known as „Medium Chain Triglyceride“ it finds application in personal care, health care and increasingly also in foodstuff, feed, sports nutrition and food supplements.  


Personal care: Crèmes, Bath oils, lipstick and balms Animal Nutrition: compound feed, concentrates Food: clinical and dietary foodstuffs Sports nutrition and general supplements Health: pancreatic insufficiency, gastrointestinal syndromes

Advantages and significance:

In personal care formulations MCT is a carrier for oil soluble actives and essential oils. In creams, sun protention lotions and bath oils MCT does not build and leave a sticky film; it is marked specifically for its skin penetration and spreading properties. It penetrates the epidermis quickly, and regulates the level of moisture in the skin. This yields the upper and lower skin levels elasticity and flexibility. In food-stuffs and food supplements the medium chain tri-glycerides’ Caprillic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10) are digested and metabolized by the body fully and readily without bile acid and pancreatic enzymes. This is why MCT oil has taken up an important role and growing position in treatments and therapies for liver and pancreatic diseases. MCT oil and MCT based fat blends have an added effect, where there are no negative effects on cholesterol, when consuming MCT. In feed applications MCT oil is used as an inhibitor of microbial, bacterial and fungicidal contaminations. The use of von Caprillic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10) in esters, compound feeds, protein and fat emulsions lead to repress and even obstruct bacterial growth and fungicidal contamination which in various systems lead to toxic by-products produced by microbial activity in the digestive tract. The result is a sustainable healthy gastro-intestinal and digestive tract. The current press and media coverage on the use of MCT oil in the sports, fitness and wellness markets is substantial: the reason for this is the significantly faster and more effective metabolism of the C8-C10 fat components and the resultant increase in performance based on this energy delivery. This means that MCT is increasingly being used in competitive sports, fitness and bodybuilding. Since MCT oil also is proven to boost the metabolism and that these MCT „fats“ are not deposited in fat depots like other long chain fatty acids. This makes MCT oil a very popular product in food supplements, in dietary products and sports nutrition.

The outlook:

Based on the tight market situation and the scare availability we recommend you to secure your requirements for the period April – October 2014. We have a good availability and are able to offer our MCT – oil at competitive prices.

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