Marktet Analysis for Castor oil and Castor derivatives August 2014

13. August 2014

The seed season for the new 2015 harvest is finished! Based on current information, the seed rate should be approximately 10% higher than last year. However, due to the lower yield of the crop of 2014 a low carryover is expected, which remains the situation tense! As an effect of the summer time and the associated holidays we have registered an attractive discount for a short time, which will correct itself in the coming weeks back. The correction is due to the fact that no great demands, or coverings from Europe and China have been taken. Physically, the oil is already traded at a higher level. The seed arrivals this week are currently at 16,000 bags per day, which are traded on the seed cooperatives. In parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan currently is still a weak and volatile monsoon phase. Please also consider that carrying charges for storage and finance will be added for shipments later this year. ! With consideration to the above mentioned criteria we advise you to cover your needs of castor oil first special grade, 12HSA, HCO and sebacic acid for the rest of Q3 / 2014 and completely for Q4 / 2014. At this level, we guarantee the shipment and keep stock for you for flexible deliveries within the agreed contract terms. ! Further market information and news about Castor oil and Castor oil Derivatives will be serviced to you soon. In case there is further information required, please let us know any time!

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