Market report

21. March 2019

Evening primrose oil

The price of evening primrose seeds and evening primrose oil have been on the rise in the last few months. This increase is due to poor weather conditions in 2018, which caused below-par crop yields. Growers in China responded by ramping up their prices for the raw goods. According to the latest prognoses, the quantities available from the last and current harvest will cover the demands of the world market without shortages nonetheless. It currently appears likely that the price of evening primrose will remain stable. Due to market volatility, however, we cannot exclude the possibility of further fluctuation over the course of the year. We will be happy to keep you updated about any changes in the market. Short-term requirements can be covered from our warehouse as usual.

Coconut oil, virgin organic

The price of coconut oil has decreased since November. This is due to exchange rate fluctuations and the large amounts of coconut oil currently available on the market. A slight recovery can be observed at the moment, and it remains to be seen how long the attractive pricing of the product will last.

Sesame seed oil and sesame protein

Sesame seed oil and sesame protein prices rose at the end of the year as a result of crop losses in India. Additional purchases from Africa were necessary to cover demands. Japan, India and China have bought up the entire crop volumes in the market.

At present, a slight price reduction seems likely in the long term. We recommend that you only cover your short-term requirements for now. Turkey has lowered its import tariffs for sesame seeds. The effects of Ramadan in early May 2019 must be taken into consideration, too.

Regarding availabilities, we recommend that you plan your requirements in advance to ensure that we can take them into account in our own planning and avoid delays.

Shea butter

The shea butter market is currently experiencing a bottleneck, which is causing an increase in prices. This situation could continue throughout the first half of 2019. We can make the required volumes available and cover your demands after a short waiting period.

Rose hip seed oil

Rose hip seeds and rose hip seed oil are currently scarce, and their prices are correspondingly high. This situation is unlikely to improve anytime soon, and we anticipate high prices throughout 2019.

Avocado oil, organic refined

The availability of refined organic avocado oil is currently poor. As a result, the small quantities that are available are in high demand and sell very quickly.

Organic cold-pressed apricot kernel oil

The available volumes of organic cold-pressed apricot kernel oil are decreasing steadily, and prices are rising. This development is anticipated to continue until August, when the new crop comes in. While the crop forecasts are positive so far, we will not have certainty until late April when there is no longer a risk of frost.

Organic pomegranate seed oil

The main problem with organic pomegranate seed oil is the procurement of organic pomegranate seeds without pesticides. While there are large volumes available on the market, most of which come from Turkey, they are frequently contaminated with pesticide residues. The availability of organic pomegranate seeds in the required quality is limited.

We expect to have sufficient volumes available to continue meeting the demand for organic pomegranate seed oil nonetheless.


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