Market report April 2019: Forecast on almond crop

21. May 2019


Once again, the agricultural statistics service (NASS) predicts new record sales for almonds regarding the current production year 2019. Compared to 2018 harvest, a yield increase of 8.69 % is expected.

This fact results from the almond area report published a few weeks ago. According to the current area projection the almond growing region is expanded by 7.3 %.

The areas with fruit-bearing almond trees is calculated with just under 475.000 hectares for the current season.


The anti-cyclical harvest in Australia, a becoming more and more important almond growing area, is already going ahead. The harvest quantities are estimated to be about 93.000 metric tons of almonds after first crop yield calculations. The dry and warm climate in March and April is excellent for this harvest.


In Europe as well, the production year 2019 is expected to provide a very successful harvest. Night frost in March, that occurred partly but to a moderate extent, and the cool nights in April have not negatively affected the almond blossom.

In Europe, the proportion of organic certified cultivation areas continues to increase. Due to this increase, attempts are being made to meet the continuous growth and demand for organic almond flour and organic almond oil from certified cultivation.

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