Kosher for Passover - audit successfully passed!

01. December 2020

Kosher for Passover – Audit successfully passed!

Since July 2019, OPW Ingredients GmbH has a Kosher certification for selected plant-based specialty oils and proteins.

In addition, we successfully passed the supplementary audit for a Kosher certification for Passover on 25th November 2020!

Passover is one of the most important festivals of Judaism. It usually takes place from March to April and lasts about one week. During the Passover festival special food regulations apply. According to these rules, not only sourdough breads are forbidden on these days, but also all other doughs which rises. This applies to all cereal products like bread, bakery products, cereal flours, cereal starches and drinks made from cereals, as well as all foods that have come into contact with them.

The following products are suitable for consumption during Passover festival and are henceforth certified:

The Kosher certification was carried out by Rabbi Dr. Israel Meir Levinger of the Maor Hakashrut Certification Authority. He documents and confirms the purity of our raw materials as required by Jewish religious laws (Halacha).

Here you can find our certificate.

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