Coconut oil – prices, availability and more

20. July 2018

Coconut oil is a popular oil for everyday use. It is widely used in food, animal feed, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It comes as no surprise that coconut oil covers approximately 8% of global vegetable oil requirements, and that figure is increasing steadily. This growing demand also comes with increased quality and transparency requirements. We work exclusively with select partners that can meet these high standards.

Market information: Coconut oil, organic virgin

We have summarised the current market information about organic virgin coconut oil for you to help you plan your requirements:

We anticipate very stable prices and availability over the course of the next months. The weak US dollar only has a marginal effect on pricing. At this stage, we cannot make any prediction about the 2019 harvest yet, but we will keep you updated as information comes in.

Did you know?

  • The ketones contained in the oil help us break down fat
  • Caprylic and capric acid are especially easily digestible
  • Lauric acid can alleviate inflammation and skin irritation and minimise wrinkles
  • With a smoke point of 200 °C, the fat is great for searing food
  • The moisturising oil is used in many body lotions, facial masks and shampoos

If you have any questions about our product, our sales team will be happy to help.

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