Jojoba oil – perfect for skin & hair

02. July 2018

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds of the evergreen jojoba shrub, whose fruit ripen for three to six months before being harvested and processed.

Strictly speaking, jojoba oil is a natural vegetable wax. Its melting point is at approximately 7 °C. This is an excellent property that makes the product especially durable and resistant to oxidation.

Jojoba oil – know what’s inside

Jojoba oil contains a large amount of gadoleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acid, and is rich in vitamin A, B, E and other minerals.

Cosmetics – a boon for skin and hair

The oil is a genuine blessing for the cosmetics sector: it heals as well as it nurtures. Jojoba oil lends a healthy sheen to hair; it nourishes the scalp, prevents split ends and soothes itchy and scaly skin. Its excellent fatty-acid profile leaves the skin smooth, supple and resilient. It provides optimal protection and hydration, making it a natural and effective anti-ageing product. Thanks to its natural sun protection factor of 3–4, jojoba oil is a popular base oil for sun creams and oils.

Industry – polish and lubricate

Jojoba oil is truly versatile. On top of its beneficial properties for human skin, it is also a popular industrial product used in furniture, car and leather polishes. Thanks to its excellent resistance to heat and oxidation and its non-adhesive qualities, it is also frequently used as a lubricant for high-quality precision instruments.

Current availability

Organic jojoba oil is in very high demand at the moment and correspondingly scarce. The availability of the conventional grade remains stable, which has a positive effect on its prices.

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