IFFA Frankfurt

09. May 2019

Our visit at IFFA Frankfurt on 8th May 2019 

IFFA is the leading international trade fair for the meat industry and was traditionally held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center from 4th to 9th May 2019. With more than 1.000 exhibitors from 49 countries IFFA is the world’s leading trade fair and international meeting place for the sector. The trade visitors are mainly representatives of the meat-processing industry, butchers’ trade, food retail trade, wholesale and food and semi-luxuries industry.

The product segments of IFFA range from processing, to transport and storage systems, up to ingredients and spices. During our visit,we were particularly interested in high-quality substitutes for vegan and vegetarian diet.

Vegan meat substitutes were omnipresent

In addition to traditional meat products, a trend in the meat industry could not be denied: the offer of vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives was immense. From meat-like alternatives such as soy protein nuggets, to pea protein products,up to Pulled Pork out of sunflower protein – everything was included. 

Flexitarians as main target group for meat substitutes

In this context, it was interesting to find out that these products are not primarly developed for vegetarians or vegans – the target group consists rather of so-called flexitarians.  These flexible vegetarians do not fundamentally reject meat, but they oppose factory farming, want to protect the environment and promote their health and therefore reduce their meat consumption.

Especially meat-like product developments such as burger patties, whose taste and structure are so similar to meat-based products, are aimed at the target group of flexitarians.  However, according to many exhibitors, vegetarians and particularly vegans reject these products. They rather prefer products that do not mimic conventional meat – for example quinoa sweet potato burgers.

Due to the high amount of impressions, gathered information and conversations with various exhibitors, the day at IFFA Frankfurt was a great success. We look forward to the next year when IFFA opens its doors again.

Plant based proteins from OPW Ingredients GmbH

Are you looking for raw materials for the development of healthy meat alternatives? We offer a range of plant based flours and proteins that are particularly suitable for this.

As an alternative to the classic soy protein, pea proteinrice protein or sunflower protein are part of our product portfolio. More proteins and flours for various applications can be found here.

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