21. May 2014

OPW is attending the annual general meeting of the International Castor Oil Association (ICOA) in Vienna this week. Mr. Thorben Henning, head of OPW’s Castor oil and Castor derivatives division is joined by our trader Mr. Adem Bozaci to get first-hand information on the latest developments. The ICOA is an international organization whose members are involved in growing, processing, trading, marketing and or consuming Castor Oil and Castor derivatives such as our 12HSA, HCO (hydrogenated Castor oil) and Sebasic Acid. Mr. Henning comments on the meetings as follows: “ the main objectives for OPW participating at the ICOA is to support the continuous improvement in the value added supply chain and application of high quality Castor products. Working closely with our selected strategic supply chain partners from India and China we will bridge the long term sustainable development of new applications for Castor oil and its derivatives with our discerning customers”.  OPW will continue to report on the 2014 crop and the outlook for the plantings which will influence the 2014/2015. Fresh harvest and product information will be published in our regular OPW BLOG as well as our monthly trend check. ICOA Related topics: Marktet Analysis for Castor oil and Castor derivatives status May 2014

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