Hemp protein – a high-quality protein powder

15. March 2017

Until fairly recently, most people had never heard of hemp protein. But thanks to the far-reaching shift towards healthy eating and the many positive properties of the product, a substantial number of people have become hemp protein enthusiasts within only a short time. Hemp protein has a protein content of approximately 50 per cent, which is a great figure in comparison to other plant-based proteins (with the exception of rice and pea protein). In addition, this vegan product boasts an excellent fatty-acid profile, containing many valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and a unique amino acid profile containing all essential amino acids.  Its further benefits include: - a great biological value - a high vitamin content - a high amount of fibre, yet good digestibility The gluten-free protein is usually consumed in the form of a shake or smoothie. In addition to this “traditional” use, hemp protein makes for a great addition to baked goods thanks to its nutty flavour. We offer this product in an organic or conventional grade. Just get in touch with us! In the field of proteins and flours, we focus not only on hemp protein, but also on products such as pea protein, rice protein, pumpkin seed protein, almond protein and chia seed flour.  The OPW Ingredients team will be glad to advise you on the topic of vegetable proteins.

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