Culinary, cosmetic and many other uses of sesame seed oil

04. April 2018

 is known as one of the oldest culinary oils in Asia and the Arab world. Its versatility makes it an essential kitchen cupboard staple, even in Europe. Toasted sesame seed oil is especially popular in wok stir-fries. The dark oil gives fried noodles, rice and vegetables a special, savoury note. It has been a much-loved ingredient in many traditional Indian and Japanese dishes for a long time. Countries all over the world grow the sesame seeds from which the oil is extracted. European kitchens process high-grade seeds from Mexico, East Africa, India and China. To understand why sesame oil has been so popular for centuries, you simply need to have a look at it. Around 44% of it consists of poly-unsaturated linolic acid. It has a positive effect on blood coagulation, strengthens cardiac activity and can lower elevated blood lipid levels. These healthful properties and the uniquely nutty flavour of sesame seed oil speak for themselves. Over time, sesame seed oil has become a favourite of small and large cosmetics companies. Its various quality grades are used in massage oils, skin creams and lotions. Cosmetics producers prefer the refined variety, which is odourless and clear in colour. Thanks to its versatility, there is high demand for sesame seed oil throughout the year. We recommend that your cover your long-term requirements early on. Your contacts on our sales team will be happy to advise you on availability, price developments and samples.

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