Cold-pressed ALMOND Oil– Ph. Eur.

18. May 2021


Based on this motto, the team of OPW Ingredients GmbH achieved something new in cooperation with our strategic cooperation partners:

cold-pressed almond oil
(EP Monographie Amygdalae Oleum virginale)

Backed by the lively exchange with our contacts from the regions of origin, we have set ourselves the goal in recent years to source high-quality brown almonds directly from the origin. This is driven by our vision and mission to have complete control of the supply chain, from the growing regions to our plant. All raw materials are blanched in Germany. In our plant in Niederkrüchten-Dam, the almonds are converted into almond protein and are now also processed into cold-pressed almond oil acc. to Ph. Eur. A milestone.

This and the excellent cooperation with the laboratories and the district government of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has resulted that our production of our cold-pressed almond oil is now allowed to be released and sold acc. to Ph. Eur. In April 2021 we received the corresponding confirmation of the notification of § 67 Medicines Act (AMG) from the responsible Department for Health, Medical and Pharmaceutical Affairs, Social Services, Hospital Funding, State Examination Office for Medicine, Psychotherapy and Pharmacy.

In the pertinent notification according to §67 Abs. 1 AMG, the main focus is on the production and wholesale of auxiliary substances. In the notification of the District Government of Düsseldorf, our product is listed as follows:

„almond oil, sweet, cold-pressed, Ph.Eur.“

Particular attention is paid to the quality and purity of the raw material, the processes (cold pressing) and the particular analysis. The supply chain, the selection of the right almonds and our particularly gentle production process are crucial here. We can offer our new Ph. Eur. quality in both conventional and organic qualities.

As of today – from our point of view, this is a novelty. Because our entire process uses only whole almonds (no oilstock, almond splits / broken bits and almond dust) and does not require thermal pre-treatment or further refining by deodorizing (steaming), de-acidifying (neutralizing with caustic soda) or bleaching (with bleaching earth and other auxiliaries).

The OPW production process is a purely physical - respectively a straight mechanical process. We completely renounce the supply of temperature, use of vacuum and chemicals. Thus, the natural and, above all, the typical product characteristics of the almond are completely preserved.

This makes our cold-pressed almond oil acc. to Ph. Eur. very special! Not only is it a particularly attractive adjuvant in pharmaceutical and medical applications, but it is also ideally suited in the application areas of natural cosmetics, mother-, baby-, & child-care products and even excellent as a food oil. Because our entire supply chain is not only Ph. Eur. and organic certified: we are also IFS FOOD, KOSHER, PASSOVER, HALAL and last but not least, NATRUE certified.

To permanently and sustainably ensure the Ph. Eur. Quality, the Team at OPW has further optimized its technology and production processes in recent years. We visited the European and Californian growing regions at regular intervals to identify suitable almonds and develop a dedicated sourcing strategy accordingly. As soon as the travel restrictions are lifted, we will personally review the new harvest and inform you about it.

 Product data and samples of our cold-pressed almond oil acc. to Ph. Eur. are ready for you.

In a nutshell: let yourself be inspired by this unique quality!

The TEAM of OPW Ingredients GmbH is pleased to advise you with its many years of experience in the world of vegetable oils and plant-based proteins and looks forward to your enquiries.

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