Black cumin seed oil – our panacea

07. March 2018

The healing oil from the little seeds of the black caraway plant is popular with physicians and naturopaths. Over the past years, there have been many studies on the effects of black cumin seed oil on allergies, high blood pressure, the common cold and other conditions. The extent of these healing powers is determined by the amount of essential oil in the black cumin seed oil. Have a look at this article [in German] for more details! We source our raw materials from partners in Egypt for the best possible quality. The seeds are forwarded by sea right after the harvest. As soon as we receive them, we process them in our own oil mill to extract pure oil. Our gentle pressing processes protect the natural ingredients of the oil. Our black cumin seed oil is available in a conventional and an organic grade. Would you like to try a spoonful? Get in touch to arrange a visit or order a free sample.

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