Organic palm olein – sustainably good!

18. July 2018 1 MIN. LESEZEIT

Products based on organic palm oil are a permanent fixture in our product range. They include our organic palm stearin and organic palm olein, for example.

These products are, as they say, on everyone’s lips – quite literally so, for they are a very popular ingredient in the production of margarines, sauces and spreads.

Palm oil is one of very few natural vegetable fats, meaning that it is solid at room temperature and have the right consistency and spreadability for these products.

Can I use products containing palm oil with a clear conscience, considering the sustainability concerns and limited availability of natural resources?

We say: yes. Our organic palm olein comes from controlled, sustainable, biological sources and is subject to regular audits by the BIO inspection body.

We think it is high time to talk about the positive aspects of growing palm oil. The sustainable cultivation of palm oil has many positive effects on the world’s growing regions.  It protects and strengthens animal habitats and rainforests, supports farmers and fertilises the environment.

Palm olein is also an excellent deep-frying oil.

Its high smoke and flash point and neutral taste ensure that the deep-fried goods retain their own flavour, which is not compromised by the flavour of the oil.

Give it a try: use organic palm olein instead of the more commonplace organic sunflower oil next time you deep-fry something.

Test results clearly show that organic palm olein is the better and more economical choice compared to organic sunflower oil.

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