Babassu oil for cosmetics use

12. March 2018


Babassu oil is produced by pressing the nuts of the babassu palm. The seeds have an average fat content of 60 – 70 %. There are natural growing regions in large parts of South America, where the high-quality raw materials are harvested to produce oil. The palms bear their first fruit after 8–10 years. They can live for up to 200 years.


The most popular use of babassu oil is in cosmetics – for a good reason. The South American vegetable oil melts when applied to the skin, as ist melting point is close to the human body temperature. Thanks to its high amount of lauric acid, the oil is often used in skincare products for dry, chapped, oily and combination skin. Once refined, the oil has a light yellow tint and, sometimes, a subtly nutty aroma. The refined version is often preferred, as virgin babassu oil can contain bacteria and yeasts.

Price development & forecast

The price of refined babassu oil fell slightly last year. It has recovered since and appears to be stable at present. The availability of canisters, barrels and bulk shipments is currently secure.

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