Arrival of STOLT STREAM with Castor Oil FSG

18. December 2014

The OPW Team and their inspector team of the company Krudo HSC travelled together to Antwerpen to welcome our ocean vessel with 3.000 tons of Castor Oil FSG inside. At the arrival of the ocean vessel there are important factors which we have to consider, like the exact quantity inside of the tanks, which will be measured as well as the temperature of the goods which will be inspected. Furthermore they take retained samples during the quality control on the ship and after arrival in the barge to guarantee that the goods are according to the agreed specification during their long travel from India to Europe. Especially at discharging, the conductions as well as the empty tanks of the barge will critically be checked from our inspector and transferred after the final approval. After discharge of the Stolt Stream our Castor Oil FSG will be shipped to our tank stock in Nijmegen, with the barge of our forwarding agent „Koole Shipping“. Before transferring the oil into our tanks, the quality will be checked and analyzed again from our inspector team. Due to the tank stock in Nijmegen we have an excellent infrastructure in the opposite of the overcrowded area of Rotterdam and are able to supply our Castor Oil FSG flexible in batch sizes up to 28 tons. According to our transparence campaign “That’s inside” we would like to share the following pictures of our journey with you. We are glad to inform you, that we can supply you with fresh Castor Oil FSG as usual from now on and are looking forward to receiving your new inquiries as well as your call offs. Furthermore we would like to inform you that OPW is available during Christmas and New Year period as usual. We wish you a great Christmas Time and a good crossover into the New Year 2015! 

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