Apricot kernel oil

21. April 2014

AprikosenINCI-name: Prunus Armeniaca kernel oil

We offer outstanding Peachkernel oil in cold pressed refined in conventional and organic qualities for application in the personal and health care industries

Origins: Mediterranean Sea countries, Australia, China and USA

  Apricots originate from China, where there is historic evidence of the trees dating as far back as 5.000year BC. The Romans brought the Apricot fruits to Europe which is where we find them cultivated in fruit orchards around the entire Mediterranean Sea countries. In modern Times, apricot trees have been planted in Australia and the USA. Apricot kernel oil is processed from the kernels (“stones”) of the Apricot fruits. The kernels of the sweet apricots are pressed for bottling and human consumption; the bitter kernels of the wild apricots are mainly applied in personal care. The kernels of the apricot fruits are marked by a high oil content which is extracted by expeller pressing and can reach up to 35%. The oil which is won is bright yellow and has a wonderful mild odor which smells like marcipan (Almond paste). It is rich in essential fatty acids like oleic (64,3%), Linoleic acid (27,9%), Palmitic acids (4,9%). Apricot kernel oil is prone to oxidation due to its relatively high level of linoleic and oleic acid which turns the oil relatively quickly rancid. This means that there is usually relatively little volume of oil available in the spot market. On the one hand we can offer freshly expelled material; on the other hand we can offer a refined grade which makes the oil more stable by reducing the content of free fatty acids. The consequence of doing so means that the oil loses its precious odor. Apricot kernel oil is a universal and versatile base oil with a very similar fatty acid spectrum like our sweet Almond. On account of a higher content of linoleic acid its consistency is lighter. Based on its mild properties and soothing characteristics it is a perfect match for caring oil where it is growing in popularity for infant care and baby massage products. In addition its appeasing natural properties make Apricot kernel oil an excellent make-up remover. Since Apricot kernel oil is readily absorbed into the upper and deeper layers of the skin, it lends itself particularly well for treating dry and chapped skin when applied neat or as part of dedicated lotions and creams based on Apricot kernel oil. Very interesting is the use of the refined Apricot kernel oil in the Asian kitchen due to his temperature stability. OPW Ingredients and its partners on the origin markets have possibilities to supply round about 1.000 tonnes per annum. The origins of the kernels are mainly Turkey and Southern parts of Italy. Turkey is the biggest supplier for Peach kernels. But due to the unusual and unexpected turbulent weather conditions witnessed this year, Turkey has massive delivery problems. Furthermore we are expecting substantial crop losses in Spain. For this reason we recommend our customers to cover demands for this year timely.

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