An almond update from California

21. February 2018

The Californian growing regions have been suffering from night frost during the past nights. Temperatures dropped as low as -2 °C in some regions. The almond bloom is very sensitive to frost during its current phase. According to experts, the frost has damaged the blossoms and affected the remainder of the new season. It is still unclear how much of the Central Valley was affected by the cold snap. We are primarily receiving news from the region around Modesto and Chico at present.   To protect their blossoms, almond farmers in the affected regions have been switching on their sprinkler systems overnight. The water spray offers some protection to the sensitive flowers. Almond update from Italy: In Italy, the almond blooming season is progressing according to plan. There are mild, pleasant temperatures in the European growing regions. Current weather forecasts do not predict any night frost. For more information and ideas about almond oil and almond protein, check out our BLOG. Besides the nut oils discussed here, we focus on many other specialities such as apricot kernel oil, castor oil, castor oil derivatives, skincare oils, sebacic acid, the world of organic oils and gourmet oils, and vegetable oils, proteins and flours in general.

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