AMI Sourcing Trends: Hamburg 2018

21. September 2017

On 19 and 20 September, the annual AMI Sourcing Trends exhibition, organised by Dr Klaus-Jürgen Holstein, was held at Haus Rissen. Around 80 members of the organic scene made their way to Hamburg to exchange news and views about the developments in the organic sector. The event focussed on securing raw materials, fashionable ingredients and the basic volumes needed for producing Organic-certified food.  Its main objective is to support transparency along the supply chain – from the cultivation of raw materials to the processing or bottling of products and their final distribution to the market and consumers.  The first step towards such transparency: mutual trust among the partners working along said supply chain. After all, business deals are made between business partners, and trust plays a superior role especially in the field of certified organic cultivation.

 “Business is done by humans…”

Better safe than sorry: keynote speeches at the event include a discussion by Eurofin of quality assurance and protection for organic products and a specialist lecture by the NATURLAND certification agency. The EU regulation on organic production, which specifies cultivation standards for all European certifying agencies, already does its job very well. Nonetheless, there are increasing demands for ever stricter control standards such as those of NATURLAND.  This was clearly highlighted during a specialist lecture delivered by a leading German chain of drugstores.

“After all, you want to know what you are really selling to your customer.”

The demand for and sale of Organic-certified products is increasing steadily. In 2016, the organic sector grew by another 10%. During the first half of 2017, an additional increase of 7.5% was recorded. (Source: AMI) Similarly, sales areas dedicated to organic products grew by 14.9% in 2016. There is a clear trend towards large stores exclusively selling organic products; small health food stores have been disappearing gradually.  Sales figures and development in the organic industry have shown that OPW Ingredients and its organic speciality oils, flours and proteins produced in Niederkrüchten are en vogue. Demand for these products from consumers and the processing industry is growing incessantly. Finally, we would like to thank Dr. Holstein of for his excellent organisation of this event. The OPW Ingredients TEAM is looking forward to continuing this partnership and are excited about the next event at Haus Rissen. Besides flours and proteins, we focus on oils such as almond oil, walnut oil, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, the world of organic oils and gourmet oils and on vegetable oils in general.

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