Almonds – update from the source

02. May 2018

A new acreage report for the Californian growing regions was published on 25 April. It shows that a million acres (405,000 ha) were actively cultivated in 2017. This amounts to a 7% increase compared to 2016.

Cultivated areas in the current season

The actively cultivated areas are anticipated to expand to approximately 435,000 ha in the new growing season in 2018. So far, the effect of the night frost in March on the harvest remain unpredictable, as does the upcoming crop. We are eagerly anticipating the next crop assessments, which will be published in CW 19/2018. Of course, we will keep you updated about all developments.

Current price development

The market has stabilised at the source, and prices have become more stable. At the moment, Californian almonds sell for USD 2.60/lb. The volumes available for prompt shipment are very limited, however.

Intensifying trade disputes

Discussions and trade disputes constitute another important factor, and they are not limited to the USA and China. Europe is also considering measures to protect its domestic markets by imposing punitive tariffs on almonds from California. This is a direct response to a statement from the US about the option of imposing import duties on European olives.

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